Reading Helps you write better

What you read influences what you think. Most of the great writers were avid readers. It does not prove that if you read you can write. However it helps to read.

If you really want to become a writer by profession it is essential to read a lot. It is impossible to teach how to write. Taking a degree in literature does not guarantee that you can write well. Grammar is another issue, and ability to write is completely isolated.

Learn to read more

So here we will try to answer the question – How does reading help?

  • Vocabulary – One of the primary advantages is the increase in vocabulary. The more you read you will encounter new words. You may not encounter these words in daily life. This adds up to your collection of words and enriches your vocabulary.
  • Inspiration – Reading inspires to write. If you like a certain writer, you will start thinking in his language style. No I am not joking. It is true.
  • Learning – When you read writings by accomplished writers you learn a lot from them. It is the style, paragraph setting and what not.
  • Information – Information is best gathered when you read. Incidentally there is no substitute to gathering information by reading.
  • So it can be safely stated that, reading makes you better. It is just like exercises which keep your body healthy. Reading does the same for the brain. Keeps it in good shape!!!!!!