Writing a News Report

News Report writing

We have discussed about writing for the Websites. Today we are going to enumerate some essentials of News report writing. News is there in print and also online and requires different kind of attention.

  • Popular trending topics – Nobody reads old news or news which is not popular. So choose topics which are trending and are read and shared. The topic can be a new trending topic or a trending topic which has been reported but you can do the analysis.
  • Audience – Before going ahead with the chosen topic keep in mind the audience. If the news is intended for children do not use concepts which cannot be understood by them. Rather use simple words and examples. This makes the audience connect with the news.
  • Use credible sources – News is real and should come from a credible source. BBC and CNN are good sources of News worldwide. You can use them or credible sources from New Zealand.
  • Master the chosen topic – Always research well before writing. There might be many questions raised about the subject. You should have enough knowledge to answer the questions credibly.
  • Write short paragraphs – News is all about attention. A along prose like style gets the least attention. Making small 4 to 5 line paragraphs will draw attention even if the news piece is long.
  • Write an attractive Title – Every News is about giving it a proper title. It will draw the audience. Always title your news after writing it and then re-reading it yourself.