Essay writing tips

Essay writing

Essay writing is an art which has to be nurtured over a period of time. It seems difficult to begin with, but can be relatively painless if you follow some basic steps of essay writing.

(1) Brainstorm for the right topic which is then just a broad area for you to research. The best way to refine the topic is to brainstorm around the topic with friends and family. The social media is a good place to get ideas from brainstorming

(2) Prepare an outline – After brainstorming gather the relevant ideas and prepare an outline with these ideas.

(3) Writing the introduction paragraph – The start of any essay is the starting paragraph where you put your perspective of the topic. Go ahead and write it as it can focus you for the ne t part.

(4) Write the body – All the information which is organized in second step has to be put into words in the body of the essay.

(5) Write the conclusion and check for errors – The last step is writing the concluding part and then checking it for errors. The best way is to give the work to someone else for proofing. You can also use online tools for proofing but ensure you double check what is changed as online tools might not convey the sentiment or sense of what you are saying in the writing.


Writing a News Report

News Report writing

We have discussed about writing for the Websites. Today we are going to enumerate some essentials of News report writing. News is there in print and also online and requires different kind of attention.

  • Popular trending topics – Nobody reads old news or news which is not popular. So choose topics which are trending and are read and shared. The topic can be a new trending topic or a trending topic which has been reported but you can do the analysis.
  • Audience – Before going ahead with the chosen topic keep in mind the audience. If the news is intended for children do not use concepts which cannot be understood by them. Rather use simple words and examples. This makes the audience connect with the news.
  • Use credible sources – News is real and should come from a credible source. BBC and CNN are good sources of News worldwide. You can use them or credible sources from New Zealand.
  • Master the chosen topic – Always research well before writing. There might be many questions raised about the subject. You should have enough knowledge to answer the questions credibly.
  • Write short paragraphs – News is all about attention. A along prose like style gets the least attention. Making small 4 to 5 line paragraphs will draw attention even if the news piece is long.
  • Write an attractive Title – Every News is about giving it a proper title. It will draw the audience. Always title your news after writing it and then re-reading it yourself.

Essentials of a writer

Writer essentials

Writing is fun but it is not easy. Everyone cannot become a writer. It is a skill that develops over a number of years. It can also be a hidden talent which might be discovered much later in life. But there are certain essentials which are present in a writer. They are:

  • Avid Reader – A writer will invariably be a voracious reader. By reading he/she will get the imagination engine kick-started. Reading also helps to add new words which will make the writer a better one. Reading is the first step you will take toward writing and is an essential part of a writer’s life.
  • Creativity – A writer should be creative. Without this essential you will never write articles that can instill reading habits in non-readers. Creativity will help the writer to make a simple story interesting. It is essential for telling a story and that is what basically a writer does.
  • Networking – Yes networking helps the writer to know what the readers are looking for. In today’s’ era of social media it has become easier to network. Just create a blog and popularize it. It helps to know who the audience are.
  • Write regularly – This is very important. Writing regularly with a routine helps to improve and hone your skills of writing. As a writer I have realized that I have been improving with every written piece of text. So, write on and be better.
  • Create a flow – While writing always have an eye on the next line. The writing should be like a flowing river, without bumps. As writing increases flow comes easily.

Writing Website content

Content makes the difference

In spite of computers and internet taking over we still love words. Don’t we?Content writing for a website is quite challenging. While launching a website, content is what matters. The HTML and technical stuff matter for the design. But there is no substitute for words. Even a good professional writer falters while writing content which appears on a website.

Write what is required by people (Marketers and Customers) – Writing what is required is the most important part of the question – how to write website content. 

  • Get hold of topic -Before writing anything, get a hold of the topic. The topic should be relevant and engaging. Just think what you would be searching about the topic. This will help to get a fair idea about the content.
  • Use Analytic Tool – Use Google analytics to get the right keywords to be used. Analytics helps to know what the online population is searching.
  • Keyword density – Keeping in mind the keywords density will help develop content that people are searching for. The content which is thus made will help the website to gain popularity. This will help the company to increase profits in their area.Make a Plan before starting – Having the whole lot of topics can be quite overwhelming. A bit of planning helps to overcome the anxiety.
    • Break into small parts – First step is to break down the whole project into small parts. A website will consist of many pages and each page has to be dealt in a different manner. “Home” page is different from “Contact Us” page.
    • Focus on the main Idea – While developing content focus should be on the idea which is central to the creation of the website. The main idea is to be broken down into sub ideas. Each paragraph should have creativity, inviting the visitors.
    • Placement of pages – The concluding part is to decide which content goes where. Organizing the content in an engrossing way will help the site become easy to navigate.