Writing For Children

Children are the most curious being on the planet. Their anticipating minds are always ripe for anything new and existing. They are always ready to learn new stuff. As an author of children content, the only way to captive a child mind is to be a child yourself.

Writing-for-Children is as much fun for the author as the reader

Nothing is silly to a child as longer as it is new, they’ll be excited about it. That is why fairy tales are always the number one choice to any child. An adult mind finds everything in a fairy tale silly. The mind of an adult can think critically and question ideas and that is why fairy tales are never the best selling among adults  -talking fairy tales here no offense to fantasy or science fiction readers and writers. Children are the total opposite of adult. Their mind is not that much exposed to be able to think critically and question stuff. Anything goes for them as longer it’s new and exciting but also be aware there are a few guidelines about what to not do – have a look at this article.

That is why as a writer of children content, you need to let your mind venture into the world of impossibility and then narrate your imagination in simple words that is understandable to children. Impossibility is your greatest tool. Everything in a fairytale is impossible in any scientific reasoning, hence, when writing for children forget the norm and facts. Go against the proven facts.

If you have saved money or maybe taken a loan to publish a children’s book and you want to make real money, do your research before you write, it is well worth the time and effort. Any tips out there from authors already writing children’s books?


Deadlines a Big Part of a Writer’s Life

Sometimes writing with a deadline hovering over your head can be a harrowing experience for any writer. As a writer, for me it means total dedication – forsaking everything while I feverishly work to get an article handed in on time. I suppose deadlines are important, as they give you a bit of a challenge. With a specific time set for you, you know there’s little time for anything else, no wasting time. Writing requires dedication I know all about those panicky moments when I can see that I’m not going to make the deadline.


Yes, we all have those emergencies that crop up and infringe on the time we’ve set aside to reach a deadline. For me a writer’s life is therefore all about time management so that you don’t have to ask for an extension of time to meet the deadline. If you’ve got a writing task that has to be completed in a day or too, start on it immediately – after all your goal, like mine, will be to build up a successful reputation as a writer who can be relied upon to deliver. You want to be known as someone who is not likely to let their clients down. Whether a freelancer or full-time writer, be organised and keep your clients updated on your progress. Yes, deadlines may get you stressed and panicky sometimes, but that’s what keeps you on your toes in the first place.