Essentials of a writer

Writer essentials

Writing is fun but it is not easy. Everyone cannot become a writer. It is a skill that develops over a number of years. It can also be a hidden talent which might be discovered much later in life. But there are certain essentials which are present in a writer. They are:

  • Avid Reader – A writer will invariably be a voracious reader. By reading he/she will get the imagination engine kick-started. Reading also helps to add new words which will make the writer a better one. Reading is the first step you will take toward writing and is an essential part of a writer’s life.
  • Creativity – A writer should be creative. Without this essential you will never write articles that can instill reading habits in non-readers. Creativity will help the writer to make a simple story interesting. It is essential for telling a story and that is what basically a writer does.
  • Networking – Yes networking helps the writer to know what the readers are looking for. In today’s’ era of social media it has become easier to network. Just create a blog and popularize it. It helps to know who the audience are.
  • Write regularly – This is very important. Writing regularly with a routine helps to improve and hone your skills of writing. As a writer I have realized that I have been improving with every written piece of text. So, write on and be better.
  • Create a flow – While writing always have an eye on the next line. The writing should be like a flowing river, without bumps. As writing increases flow comes easily.

Web Article Writing

Web article is a specific art. Articles for websites will require knowledge of SEO and HTML, blogs on the other hand often don’t. Both need fresh, original material, and you can provide it. Writing for a website is quite different from normal article writing.

Web Article writing

Secrets to write great web content and Article

  • Research their information from various sources, learn the basics and identify reliable sources of information. Look for information that will engage and inform the reader.
  • Write original and fresh material. Be individual and imaginative. Imagination is what creates great articles and content that can provide unique image to the websites.
  • Present the article in a beautiful way. Presentation magnifies the value of an article.
  • Edit and correct you article. Even people with great grammar can make mistakes. The best way to improve quality is to review your article and make improvements/corrections.

An article writer has to be reliable, if you promise two articles by tomorrow then deliver two – no excuses. This leads nicely onto know your limits. Enthusiasm is great and something we encourage but making too many commitments that you cannot keep effects everybody, proofreader, project manager, client and untimely yourself. A professional approach to the work and to colleagues is also a necessity but the fun thing is you can work at your own comforts! Through our team work we are all growing, learning and developing and are always ready to welcome a new article writer to the team. Look here to find more tips on writing.

Secret to becoming a Great Writer

Have you ever thought what are the things that makes a great writer? Is it easy to become good at writing? No there is no easy path. It requires lots of hard work. However you can change your routine in such a way that will help you achieve your dream.

Becoming a good writer
Become a great writer…Yes you can do it!

There is very little gap between good and great. The only thing which differentiates them is the thought process. Here are few tips which will help you improve and become great.

  • Read the good writers – As I have already emphasized the importance of reading in the last post, I do not need to say more on this point. Only thing to add is read the writer who inspires you the most.
  • Write and write – This is hard work. If you love writing, then do it as much as possible. Do not limit yourself, be free while writing. You will surely learn and grow.
  • Jot down the ideas – If you cannot write on the idea you are having currently, make sure to write it down. Keep a log of your ideas. This is how writers develop amazing skills.
  • Check what you have written – Always revisit and find out the mistakes. We are the best judge of what our writing is. So revise regularly.
  • Get feedback – Constant feedback helps you to improve your writing. If you can get the feedback from an established writer nothing like it!
  • Write like you are talking – Imagine yourself as talking while you write. The best writers are those who can converse well with the reader.


Reading Helps you write better

What you read influences what you think. Most of the great writers were avid readers. It does not prove that if you read you can write. However it helps to read.

If you really want to become a writer by profession it is essential to read a lot. It is impossible to teach how to write. Taking a degree in literature does not guarantee that you can write well. Grammar is another issue, and ability to write is completely isolated.

Learn to read more

So here we will try to answer the question – How does reading help?

  • Vocabulary – One of the primary advantages is the increase in vocabulary. The more you read you will encounter new words. You may not encounter these words in daily life. This adds up to your collection of words and enriches your vocabulary.
  • Inspiration – Reading inspires to write. If you like a certain writer, you will start thinking in his language style. No I am not joking. It is true.
  • Learning – When you read writings by accomplished writers you learn a lot from them. It is the style, paragraph setting and what not.
  • Information – Information is best gathered when you read. Incidentally there is no substitute to gathering information by reading.
  • So it can be safely stated that, reading makes you better. It is just like exercises which keep your body healthy. Reading does the same for the brain. Keeps it in good shape!!!!!!