I’m a writer, editor and an ardent coffee fan. I am an avid reader too- I think it goes with the job description, quite frankly.

When I started off, I didn’t particularly receive a lot of support from my family or my friends, for they were not entirely sure this was the kind of profession that could support a person’s financial needs. I have been rather lucky in my endeavours, and even though I’ve never really published a national bestseller, I’ve published a few of my pieces that have been read by a sufficient number of people. I do have the internet to thank for my success, I daresay.

My favourite authors are Oscar Wilde, J.D Salinger, Umberto Eco, and Terry Pratchett. As a writer, I like to focus on very experience- based writing, inspired by Julian Barnes. I am currently working on my magnum opus and hopefully, I will be able to get a publisher to accept it once I’m done!


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