Secret to becoming a Great Writer

Have you ever thought what are the things that makes a great writer? Is it easy to become good at writing? No there is no easy path. It requires lots of hard work. However you can change your routine in such a way that will help you achieve your dream.

Becoming a good writer
Become a great writer…Yes you can do it!

There is very little gap between good and great. The only thing which differentiates them is the thought process. Here are few tips which will help you improve and become great.

  • Read the good writers – As I have already emphasized the importance of reading in the last post, I do not need to say more on this point. Only thing to add is read the writer who inspires you the most.
  • Write and write – This is hard work. If you love writing, then do it as much as possible. Do not limit yourself, be free while writing. You will surely learn and grow.
  • Jot down the ideas – If you cannot write on the idea you are having currently, make sure to write it down. Keep a log of your ideas. This is how writers develop amazing skills.
  • Check what you have written – Always revisit and find out the mistakes. We are the best judge of what our writing is. So revise regularly.
  • Get feedback – Constant feedback helps you to improve your writing. If you can get the feedback from an established writer nothing like it!
  • Write like you are talking – Imagine yourself as talking while you write. The best writers are those who can converse well with the reader.